Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dexter Yager Quotes

Here are two very different quotes about Dexter Yager.

I have been in this business 22 years. The people are real, they are honest and some of them are our best friends. The Internet is full of Lies and false cult stories about Dexter and Amway.
Amway distributors, especially those higher levels such as Emeralds and all that junk I have met are completely dishonest, the most dishonest and deceptive people I have ever met.
I would trust the opinions of those not trying to sell me something 1000 times more than those who are out to take my money, and have been accused of being cult leaders and scam artists by courts and well respected people, not just brave whistleblowers and internet people.
Just look at the recent court case where Amway was found to be operating as a pyramid scheme.
How do you explain a federal court case, or is this a lie as well in your deluded little head?

I have personally met Dexter more than once.
Majority of people who talk about it either never got in to see the truth or got in and found out you actually had to Work.
You want to know the truth. You check it out by getting involved. If you need a surgeon, you don't go to an Architect. Talk to the people that have made money. That is how you find out the truth.

Actually No, If you want to find out about a car, would you trust a used car salesman? Fail!
Do you need to go to a casino, and try spending your money in there for years to really know it is a scam?
If you want to know the truth about Amway, you would probably trust a judge, or someone who has experienced a cult or scam first hand. Word of mouth is how this world operates.

I would talk to the people who've made money, if only I could find any!

In 22 years, i am sick of the stories that people post about Amway and the majority of them will not even leave there name. The sexual harassment suit, is bull. This man would not hurt a fly.

If it is not true, why are so many people quoted on record, and there are quotes in court documents testifying cases like this? Everyone knows it's true, and it has been proven.
You can not disprove any of these things, and everything you read about Dexter or Amway on sites not run by Amway staff are usually true. If they were false facts and not just opinions, then wouldn't they be shut down and sued to defamation? To accuse people of being liars without any evidence such as court documents proving otherwise is pathetic. It sounds like typical cult behaviour to me, where you support such monsters, and accuse everyone else of being the bad person without any justified reason.

and then this quote:

I was a member of Dexter Yeager's NY group for about a year. It took me that long to start seeing through the people and my Up Line sponsor. My sponsor closly followed Dexters attitude in every way. Politics and do it my way or else got old in short order.

To be fair I learned some principles that helped me succeed in other area's of life in which I became very successful. Since I left Amway in 1982 my life has been great. I managed to get out before I lost my family. Thank God!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dexter Yager

We were contacted by someone with a long discussion about Dexter Yager, claiming they were an "old school Amway family", obviously some pro amway person with a lot of positive things to say about Amway and a vested interest, but their quotes included below about Dex are quite negative, which gives the impression they must be telling the truth.

Ok this is meant for all the Amway haters out there. Dexter Yager really screwed up things for Amway! Yes he made a lot of money but his problem is he thinks he's God but he's not. He didn't care about his customers or the people he sponsored. All he cared about was the money. Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos did not start this company to hurt anyone (just makes lots of money at any cost). Dexter Yager is a crook. Amway is a multi level marketing company just like Avon or Mary Kay except they carry more than just makeup. It might be about scamming people but it's not about hurting people, it's about selling a product. Dexter Yager really hurt the company with the things that he did. My mother always told me don't let one person ruin a good thing for you. But the fact of the matter is when a person has such a powerful position they can completely destroy something for you and there is nothing you can do about it.
Now my family has been a part of Amway since 1965. My grandparents were very close friends with Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel. They also knew Dexter Yager. No one has ever had a nice thing to say about that man. But Jay and Rich were very intelligent people and had much integrity towards each other, and knew they could take advantage whilst still appearing nice and charitable. My father grew up with their children. My grandparents used to play bridge with DeVos's and Van Andel's. These are good people trying to run a business that is not like others. They try to offer more than just make-up and perfume. You think it up and they probably sell it if it would make them a buck. Amway is a company that purports to sell quality products, natural products, and getting your money's worth, even though this is proven to be false. I know a lot of you are going to argue these facts because I have grown up around these things but in reality they are going to fight so hard to protect it. I believe in Amway. I believe in what they sell. The most important thing about Amway is to always be friendly to your family, so they will feel guilty not buying from you, always be closing, always try to sell to your friends and family!! That's what Dexter Yager never gave a crap about. He only cared about the money. Yeah you can make the money but you have to remember the customers since they are the ones that are paying The DeVos's salary, then hopefully you will make a few dollars. The only way to make money is to not genuinely care about the customers you serve. The only way to make money is to tread on everyone, and not give a damn about anyone, then you can succeed, but lose your soul. I don't sell Amway. That is what Yager forgot about when he put such a huge hurt on this company. Don't let a crook like Yager represent you, why would you want to be involved with such a man. The people who say it has ruined their lives well I'm sorry they feel that way. It's called a business with Amway you are in business, working for the Van Andel's and DeVos's, not really for yourself, just like Avon and Mary Kay. If you fail that is on you for not being like Dex, if you are successful that's on you as well. You have to make the sales, it is extremely hard work, and most people don't make any money from it. You have to care about your customers, it's not anyone's fault if you listen to some crack pot like Dexter Yager, it's your own for listening. The basic rule to any form of sales is listen to your customers, care about your customers. Always remember it revolves around customer service.